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First Grade Classroom Analysis

Motivations to Learn French There are a wide range of motivations to become familiar with an unknown dialect when all is said in done and French specifically. Lets start with the general. Why Learn a Foreign Language? Correspondence An undeniable motivation to become familiar with another dialect is to have the option to speak with the individuals who talk it. This incorporates both the individuals you meet when going just as individuals in your locale. Your outing to another nation will be significantly improved in both simplicity of correspondence and benevolence on the off chance that you communicate in the language. Communicating in anothers language shows regard for that culture, and individuals in each nation lean toward it when sightseers put forth an attempt to communicate in the neighborhood language, regardless of whether everything you can say in it is hi and please. Additionally, learning another dialect can likewise assist you with communicating with neighborhood settler populaces at home. Social Understanding Communicating in another dialect encourages you to become more acquainted with others and their way of life, as language and culture go inseparably. Since language at the same time characterizes and is characterized by our general surroundings, learning another dialect opens ones psyche to new thoughts and better approaches for taking a gander at the world. For instance, the way that numerous dialects have more than one interpretation of you demonstrates that these dialects (and the way of life that talk them) place a more noteworthy accentuation on recognizing crowds than does English. French recognizes tu (natural) and vous (formal/plural), while Spanish has five words that show one of four classifications: recognizable/particular (tã º or vos, contingent upon the nation), recognizable/plural (vosotros), formal/solitary (Ud) and formal/plural (Uds). Then, Arabic recognizes nta (manly solitary), nti (female particular), and ntuma (plural). Interestingly, English uses you for manly, female, natural, formal, solitary, and plural. The way that these dialects have such various perspectives on shows social contrasts between the individuals who talk them: French and Spanish spotlight on nature versus convention, while Arabic accentuates sexual orientation. This is only one case of a considerable lot of the etymological and social contrasts between dialects. Additionally, when you communicate in another dialect, you can appreciate writing, film, and music in the first language. It is very hard for an interpretation to be an ideal imitation of the first; the most ideal approach to comprehend what the writer implied is to peruse what the writer composed. Business and Careers Communicating in more than one language is an expertise which will expand your attractiveness. Schools and businesses will in general favor up-and-comers who talk at least one unknown dialects. Despite the fact that English is broadly spoken in a great part of the world, the truth of the matter is that the worldwide economy relies upon correspondence. When managing France, for instance, somebody who communicates in French will have an undeniable preferred position over somebody who doesnt. Language Enhancement Learning another dialect can assist you with understanding your own. Numerous dialects have added to the improvement of English, so learning those will show you where words and even linguistic structures are from, and increase your jargon for sure. Additionally, in figuring out how another dialect varies from your own, you will expand your comprehension of your language. For some individuals, language is inborn we realize how to state something, however we dont fundamentally know why we state it that way. Learning another dialect can change that.Each ensuing language you study will be, in certain regards, somewhat simpler, in light of the fact that youve effectively figured out how to gain proficiency with another dialect. Furthermore, if the dialects are connected, for example, French and Spanish, German and Dutch, or Arabic and Hebrew, some of what youve effectively realized will apply to the new dialect also, making the new dialect that a lot simpler. Grades As long periods of unknown dialect study increment, math and verbal SAT scores increment. Youngsters who study an unknown dialect regularly have higher state sanctioned grades in math, perusing, and language expressions. Unknown dialect study can assist with expanding critical thinking aptitudes, memory, and self-control. Why Learn French? On the off chance that you are a local English speaker, perhaps the best motivation to learn French is to assist you with understanding your language. Albeit English is a Germanic language, French has enormously affected it. French is the biggest benefactor of remote words in English. Except if your English jargon is a lot higher than average,â learning Frenchâ will enormously increment the quantity of English words you know. French is communicated in as a local language in excess of two dozen nations on five mainlands. Contingent upon your sources, French is either the eleventh or the thirteenth most basic local language on the planet, with 72 to 79 million local speakers and another 190 million optional speakers. French is the second most ordinarily showed second language on the planet (after English), making it a genuine chance that communicating in French will prove to be useful for all intents and purposes anyplace you travel. French in Business In 2003, the United States was Frances driving financial specialist, representing 25% of the new openings made in France from remote speculation. There are 2,400 US organizations in France creating 240,000 employments. American organizations with workplaces in France incorporate IBM, Microsoft, Mattel, Dow Chemical, SaraLee, Ford, Coca-Cola, ATT, Motorola, Johnson  Johnson, Ford, and Hewlett Packard. France is the second driving financial specialist in the United States: in excess of 3,000 French organizations have auxiliaries in the US and produce somewhere in the range of 700,000 occupations, including Mack Trucks, Zenith, RCA-Thomson, Bic, and Dannon. French in the United States French is the third most regularly spokenâ non-Englishâ language in US homes and the second most ordinarily showed unknown dialect in the United States (after Spanish). French in the World French is an official working language in handfuls ofâ international associations, including the United Nations, the International Olympic Committee, and the International Red Cross. French is the most widely used language of culture, including craftsmanship, food, move, and style. France has won more Nobel Prizes for writing than some other nation on the planet and is one of the top makers of universal movies. French is the second most habitually utilized language on the web. French is positioned as the second most persuasive language on the planet. Goodness, and one other thing-Spanish isâ notâ easier than French! Sources Affirmations Testing Program of the College Board. France in the U.S. Franco-American Business Ties Rock Solid, News from Franceâ vol 04.06, May 19, 2004. Rhodes, N. C., Branaman, L. E. Unknown dialect guidance in the United States: A national study of basic and auxiliary schools. Community for Applied Linguistics and Delta Systems, 1999. Summer Institute for Linguistics Ethnologue Survey, 1999. US Census, Ten Languages Most Frequently Spoken at Home Other than English and Spanish: 2000, figure 3. Weber, George. The Worlds 10 Most Influential Languages, Language Today, Vol. 2, Dec 1997.

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Psychological Motives for Becoming a Terrorist Essay Example for Free

Mental Motives for Becoming a Terrorist Essay Presentation Self destruction shelling, a significant fear technique of psychological militants is, if not the most, one of the most grisly acts anyone can submit. It is through and through insane and moronic. One must be close to the typical to be engaging such an idea at the top of the priority list. Incidentally, enthusiasts who have submitted and endeavored self destruction bombings previously, were considered ordinary until the day when the execution of their definitive plans were made open whether thwarted or finished. Individuals who are harassed with mental turmoil may, as others, travel for similar reasons †excursion, visiting companions or family members, business, entertainment, and in some cases for strict or profound center (Miller Zarcone, 1968). Others surely may go for reasons other than the typical †for reasons activated by deformed mental state, for example, the men who completed the 911 assault of the Twin Towers in New York. Along the 911 assault, self destruction shelling through airplane came to noticeable quality bringing about the blending of the mindfulness among the universal open of the way that the customary voyager probably won't be that â€Å"regular† in any case. It is plausible that some of them are driven by over the top outrage or propelled by utopic trust as instructed in the networks wherein they have swore their life loyalty (Silke, 2003). Only a couple of months back, upon the arrival of previous Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto to her nation of origin, 124 were killed and 320 or more got harmed because of another self destruction bombarding. The aircraft tossed explosives among hordes of individuals and subsequently shot himself to death (CNN update, Oct.18, 2007). It’s hard to consider reasonable reasons why a rational individual (if that individual was ever viewed as normal by his associates) has submitted such a demonstration in any case. To spend and consume one’s self for a respectable aim is excellent just on the off chance that they advantage individuals outside one’s own locale. It’s never a perfect to propel a religion’s cause to the detriment of the lives of others. A self destruction aircraft is sick in that even in the rationale of religion, all religions assumed a generous god who is both incredible and adoring. There must be bends some place inside the self destruction bomber’s psyche to have related the demonstration of conveying a bomb and demonstrations of devotion. Reason of the contention ~Understanding emotional wellness Most of hypotheses and models of human conduct can be categorized as one of two essential classes: inner point of view and outside viewpoint. The interior viewpoint thinks about the elements inside the individual to get conduct. Individuals who buy in to this view comprehend conduct as psychodynamically arranged. Conduct is clarified regarding the considerations, sentiments, past encounters and needs of the person. The inner procedures of reasoning, feeling, seeing and making a decision about lead individuals to act in explicit manners. This inner point of view infers that individuals are best comprehended from within and that people’s conduct is best deciphered in the wake of understanding their musings and sentiments (Jourad, 1963). The other class of hypotheses takes an outside point of view. This spotlights on factors outside the individual to get conduct. Outer occasions, outcomes of conduct, ecological powers to which an individual is subject, are stressed by this outside viewpoint. A person’s history, esteem framework, sentiments and considerations are not significant in deciphering activities and conduct. Kurt Lewin for example considered the two points of view in saying that conduct is an element of both the individual and nature (Tiffin, McCormick, 1958). Man is a social being and as such his character is seen from the general public and culture where he has a place. A general public speaks to a land total and has limits, comparative government or a gathering of people in significant association and occupied with social relationship. Character is the individualizing qualities of man which establish his peculiarity and separate him from some other person. The three determinants of character: 1] organic legacy which has direct impact on the improvement of character. This incorporates musculature, the sensory system, and the organs; 2] E.Q. factor portrays characteristics like understanding one’s sentiments, compassion for the sentiments of others, and the â€Å"regulation of feeling such that upgrades living (Gibbs, 1995);† 3] natural components. Taking everything typical, condition assumes a significant job in character improvement. Natural components are social condition, social condition, home and family, culture, status and job and social operator. Huge numbers of men’s articulated worked up perspective, for example, dread, outrage, sicken, and hatred, have suggested the conversation starter, why? What has caused such a response? What has carried a change to his/her conduct? What is the disappointment that has realized such conduct? In the realm of a self destruction plane, he/she thinks about on different information or improvements from the world he/she advances in. There are disappointments of each structure and even without these, his/her mind or mental state works based on anything he/she gets (effectively or inactively) from the milieu. Life’s issues are various and up to one is perfectly healthy he will consistently be confronted with issues, be they large or little. Such issues work up one’s feelings or sentiments which perhaps wonderful or undesirable. Physiological issues, ecological issues, individual inadequacies and mental concerns welcome on an assortment of reactions; some anticipated, others are most certainly not. Confusion of family life, breaking down of character realized by gloom, extraordinary individual misery, any of these may take any individual past the constraints of his resilience. Man is conceived in a social situation encompassed by social standards and qualities. He is confronted with social restrictions and adequate social conduct. Various ecological components go to the fore which could possibly be effectively survived. One of the most troublesome issues around there is one’s social dos and don’ts. Ecological disappointments can't be maintained a strategic distance from, for there are consistently sure factors in a person’s development and accomplishment. Mental or inward issues are the most hard to determine as they are inside the internal sentiments of an individual. One will most likely be unable to identify his/her interests/tensions through his/her plain conduct. It might just be gathered from what his/her inward contemplations and sentiments are nevertheless won't recognize what caused such an inclination. Mental worries of different structures speak to a progressively genuine danger to the character of the person than do ecological weights. On the off chance that serious enough, they may make extensive enthusiastic strain with going with conduct issue. Responding to pressures and different concerns, for example, disappointment fluctuates from individual to individual in view of their character contrasts. These responses perhaps protective, masochist or maniacal. A great many people are thoughtful to individuals who create physical afflictions, however respect a person with mental turmoil as â€Å"crazy.† At this point, does a self destruction plane at that point be viewed as an individual with a psychological issue or regarded as â€Å"crazy?† meanings of emotional wellness differ extensively. Freud when asked what he thought an ordinary, sound individual ought to do all around answered â€Å"love and work.† Karl Menninger’s (1956) definition is very like Freud’s. He states: â€Å"Let us characterize psychological well-being as the change of people to the world and each other with a limit of adequacy and bliss. Not simply proficiency, or just satisfaction, or the beauty of complying with the standards of the game brightly. It is all together. It is the capacity to keep up an even temper and glad aura. This, I think,  is a solid mind.† At the point when we in this way, attempt to characterize psychological wellness, we have at the top of the priority list the modification procedure which an individual brings into power when he is confronted with a difficult circumstance. Modification is characterized as an individual’s way of responding or reacting enough to an apparent issue. From the viewpoint of emotional wellness, change alludes to a cheerful and socially worthy reaction to life’s circumstances. Psychological well-being hence, is the capacity of the person to work successfully and joyfully as an individual in one’s anticipated job in a gathering and in the general public by and large. It is a state of the entire character and isn't just a state of the â€Å"mind† as is frequently assumed. It is an out-development of one’s complete life and is advanced or obstructed by everyday experience, not just by significant emergencies as some accept (McCllelland et al, 1973). Psychological wellness is the ability to live amicably in an evolving domain; to confront and take care of one’s issues in a practical way; to acknowledge the unavoidable, and to comprehend and acknowledge one’s own weaknesses just as the inadequacies of others. In this sense, individuals who create and support Jihad or any â€Å"terroristic† thoughts and program others to do likewise, are seen individuals who do have unreasonable perspective on and their encounters. They are ordinarily named individuals having dreams of greatness among others. This term alludes to individuals who experience an enlarged feeling of significance or missions and as a rule related with comparing abuse buildings (Jourad, 1963). They along these lines harbor likewise a feeling of tension that a few people are out there to remove their objectives and deter their missions. Their determination to convey their objective points is significantly more grounded the purpose behind their orderly and methodical method of getting things done. Since they can't acknowledge that they should coincide with individuals whose convictions fundamentally contrast from theirs, they a

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Klonopin Withdrawal Symptoms, Timeline, and Treatment

Klonopin Withdrawal Symptoms, Timeline, and Treatment Addiction Drug Use Prescription Medications Print How Long Does Withdrawal From Klonopin Last? By Corinne O’Keefe Osborn linkedin Corinne Osborn is an award-winning health and wellness journalist with a background in substance abuse, sexual health, and psychology. Learn about our editorial policy Corinne O’Keefe Osborn Medically reviewed by Medically reviewed by Steven Gans, MD on November 26, 2018 Steven Gans, MD is board-certified in psychiatry and is an active supervisor, teacher, and mentor at Massachusetts General Hospital. Learn about our Medical Review Board Steven Gans, MD Updated on January 05, 2020 More in Addiction Drug Use Prescription Medications Cocaine Heroin Marijuana Meth Ecstasy/MDMA Hallucinogens Opioids Alcohol Use Addictive Behaviors Nicotine Use Coping and Recovery In This Article Table of Contents Expand Overview Signs and Symptoms Coping and Relief Warnings Long-Term Treatment Resources View All Back To Top Klonopin (clonazepam) is a medication commonly prescribed for the treatment of anxiety and insomnia. It is intended for short-term use. This is because, after about several weeks, most people develop a physical dependence. When someone is dependent on a drug like Klonopin, it means they will experience withdrawal symptoms if they stop taking it or reduce their dose. Klonopin withdrawal symptoms can last for days to weeks and in some cases longer. They may begin within hours of the drug leaving your system and may come and go at times. Klonopin withdrawal typically includes a variety of uncomfortable symptoms, such as anxiety and irritation. In some cases, symptoms can include life-threatening seizures. Overview Klonopin is a member of a family of drugs called benzodiazepines, or more simply, benzos. Benzos, including Valium (diazepam) and Xanax (alprazolam), are among the most commonly prescribed medications in the country. According to national survey data, nearly 30 million people used them in 2015.?? Some people take benzos exactly, or almost exactly, as directed by their physician. Others acquire them illegally or intentionally take them more often, or in larger doses than they are supposed to. It doesn’t actually matter too much which type of Klonopin user you are. That’s because anyone taking benzos for longer than three to four weeks, even people taking them exactly as directed, can experience withdrawal symptoms. Among people using benzos for more than six months, about 40 percent will experience moderate-to-severe withdrawal symptoms. The other 60 percent will still have symptoms, but they will be far milder.?? The symptoms of Klonopin withdrawal are similar to alcohol withdrawal. You can expect to feel edgy, irritated, and flu-ish. These symptoms may come and go. Symptoms that may have originally driven you to start taking Klonopin, such as anxiety and insomnia, may come back with a vengeance. Unfortunately, it is impossible to predict exactly how Klonopin withdrawal will affect you. Even if you’ve gone through it before, your next time could be completely different. Generally speaking, the severity of your symptoms will depend on the amount of Klonopin you’re currently taking, how long you’ve been taking it, and whether you’re mixing it with other drugs or alcohol. How Long Do Benzodiazepines Stay in Your System? Signs and Symptoms Klonopin is a long-acting benzodiazepine and its half-life is about 30 to 40 hours. This means that it can take a while for the signs and symptoms of withdrawal to begin. Klonopin withdrawal symptoms can start anywhere from two to seven days after your last dose. According to experts at the World Health Organization (WHO), acute symptoms typically continue, on and off, for two to eight weeks.?? Klonopin withdrawal causes both physical and emotional symptoms. These symptoms can vary considerably from person to person, based on several contributing factors. Factors that may impact your withdrawal experience include: Your current Klonopin doseHow long you’ve been taking itHow many times you’ve increased your doseWhether you regularly mix it with other drugs (opioids, stimulants) or alcoholWhether you mix it with other benzos or z-drugs (Ambien)Your age and physical healthThe severity of your mental health problemsThe current state of your mental healthYour history of drug and alcohol abuse  Your previous withdrawal experiences   The acute withdrawal stage begins in the days following your last dose. Acute symptoms can be intense, and even dangerous for some people. Other people may find their symptoms to be more uncomfortable than intense. Symptoms can be broken down into two general categories, those relating to your physical health and those relating to your mental health. Physical manifestations of benzo withdrawal can include: HyperventilationTroubled sleeping (nightmares, waking in the night)Muscle spasmsLoss of appetiteWeight lossSweatingHeadachesTremorsDizziness or unsteadinessMuscle aches and painsBlurred vision or other visual disturbancesExtreme sensitivity to lightTinnitus (ringing in the ears or hearing a sound that isn’t really there)Grand mal seizures The psychological symptoms of Klonopin withdrawal can include: AnxietyIrritability and agitationInsomniaPanic attacksRestlessness  NightmaresStrange bodily sensationsDepressionStrange perceptual changes (things touch, taste, or feel different)Problems concentratingTrouble remembering thingsDelusionsConfusionAuditory or visual hallucinationsDeliriumFeelings of unrealityDistorted body image Rebound Symptoms Rebound symptoms are also common. These are symptoms of underlying disorders that the Klonopin may have been keeping under control. If you originally began taking Klonopin to treat the symptoms of an anxiety disorder, those symptoms might come back. In the first few days of withdrawal, rebound symptoms can be more severe than they used to be. Unfortunately, this often intimidates people into giving up their withdrawal attempts too soon. Protracted Withdrawal The second stage of Klonopin withdrawal, which is known as protracted withdrawal or post-acute withdrawal, is a syndrome that can last anywhere from months to over a year. But don’t freak out just yet. These symptoms definitely don’t happen to everyone. When they do, they are very different from acute withdrawal. Symptoms may include lingering depression, anxiety, and agitation. How Long Should You Expect Drug Withdrawal Symptoms to Last? Coping and Relief The best way to successfully quit Klonopin is to follow a slow tapering schedule. Tapering, which means gradually reducing your dose over time, is also the best way of preventing severe withdrawal symptoms. It’s tempting to want to quit cold turkey as soon as you find the motivation or desire to do so, but it’s in your best interest to resist this temptation. In fact, the longer you draw out your Klonopin taper, the less likely you are to experience any withdrawal symptoms at all. Tapering your Klonopin dose is a way of tricking your body into thinking it’s not in withdrawal. It is not an exact science, which means your tapering schedule should be updated as you go along. You will need to work closely with a doctor who can adjust your dose every few days or weeks, as necessary. If your withdrawal symptoms become too much to handle, your doctor can slow down the taper and even increase your dose. The dose reductions are so small though, that you may not even notice them after the first couple of weeks. If you are currently in Klonopin withdrawal, there are a few things you can do to find relief. First and foremost is to find the help of a professional. Other ways to reduce your discomfort and make withdrawal easier include the following: If you are tapering on your own, give your bottle of pills to someone you trust. Have them dispense them to you one (or one half) at a time.If it’s alright with your doctor, you can treat headaches and muscle aches with over-the-counter (OTC) pain relievers.Talk to your doctor about natural anti-anxiety and anti-nausea options, like CBD oil.Explain yourself to loved ones and roommates. Ask that they cut you some slack if you become easily agitated or annoyed.Try a natural sleep aid, like melatonin or a soothing sound machine.Get as much exercise as possible. This will help you burn off your restlessness and calm your mind.Start exploring new methods of relaxation. Consider meditation, yoga, or a warm bath.     Warnings One of the big things to understand about withdrawing from benzos is that relapse is common. This is particularly true for high-dose users and people with other substance abuse problems. Fortunately, the risk of relapse can be mitigated by proper detox planning and support. Grand Mal Seizure Risk Klonopin withdrawal can lead to several dangerous medical events, such as grand mal seizures. These grand mal seizures, which tend to occur by day 10 after abrupt discontinuation, can come out of nowhere, with no earlier signs of withdrawal. While they are rare, doctors are not always able to predict who might be affected. Some people are at increased risk of withdrawal complications: Seniors: Older adults are particularly vulnerable. During Klonopin withdrawal, seniors are at risk of falls. They also have an increased risk of delirium and confusion.Pregnant women: Pregnant women also face additional risks when withdrawing from benzos. The impact of benzodiazepines on fetal health is not well understood. Case reports suggest that babies exposed to benzos in utero may be born early, have a low birth weight, or have a cleft lip.??People with psychiatric disorders: People with a history of psychiatric issues are at increased risk of withdrawal complications. If you struggled with a panic disorder prior to your Klonopin use, you are more likely than other people to have a panic attack during withdrawal. A history of psychosis and suicidality may also pose increased risks.Polydrug users: If you regularly mix Klonopin with other drugs or alcohol, you may be at increased risk of complications. Detoxing from several drugs at once can lead to unpredictable symptoms.People with a history of complications: Your past experiences with withdrawal may be a good indicator of your risk of complications. If you have experienced dangerous side effects like seizures or delusions when you were withdrawing from benzos or other drugs in the past, then you’ll want to take precautions.   To improve your chances of success, it is important for you to develop a detox and withdrawal plan. Experts at the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), advise starting with inpatient detox treatment or making a commitment to stay in contact with your primary care doctor.   This can be a challenge for some people. Inpatient treatment programs can be very expensive and aren’t always covered by insurance. Most people have access to a primary care doctor or health clinic that can help them develop a taper schedule, but you really have to be committed to the process. This can be hard for people without the time or ability to make multiple office visits. Ideally, tapering involves visiting your doctor at least once per week and following up with phone calls in between. Long-Term Treatment The long-term success of Klonopin withdrawal depends on a successful taper. Some studies suggest that when done in conjunction with psychotherapy (talk therapy), benzo withdrawals are more successful. Other studies show that the results are about the same.?? If you are struggling with psychological or addiction issues, therapy is a primary component of long-term healing. Without therapy, people struggling with addiction often relapse. The ideal duration of your taper will depend on several factors, including your starting dose and your primary goals. Studies in primary care settings have found that a gradual taper over the course of at least 10 weeks is most successful.?? Some people continue their taper for a year or more.   There is no universal tapering rate. The research suggests that, generally speaking, slower tapers are more successful.?? If you are doing a slow taper, your doctor will only reduce your dose every two or three weeks, and the reductions will be small. People taking high doses of benzos may start with a quicker taper and slow down once a lower dose has been achieved.   Most people will have a primary goal of abstinence, but this is not always the case. In certain situations, such as advanced age, the goal is a dose reduction. People who have been taking Klonopin therapeutically for many years are often on very high doses. This happens because people develop a tolerance to the drug, in which the same dose is unable to produce the effects it used to. Tapering helps reset your tolerance level so that you no longer need such a high, sedating dose. Outcomes Quitting benzos is hard but worth it for most people. One recent study followed patients for a full year after they began their benzo taper. Compared to how they were on day one, researchers noticed the following:Improved moodsImproved memoryBetter concentrationDecreased fatigueBetter ability to perform everyday activitiesThe absence of initial withdrawal symptoms Resources If you are interested in stopping or reducing your Klonopin intake, then the best place to start is with your primary care doctor. If you don’t have a primary care doctor, but you do have health insurance, check your insurance company’s website for a list of providers. If you do not have health insurance, you can go to a community clinic in your area. Community clinics will treat you, regardless of your ability to pay. To find a community health center near you, use this search directory from U.S. Health Resource and Services Administration. A Word From Verywell Klonopin withdrawal is no picnic. In fact, people who have withdrawn from both benzos and opioids often say that benzo withdrawal was the worse. But this stage passes. Soon enough, you will realize how much of yourself was lost to Klonopin. At that point, you will start to feel like your old self again. You may even realize just how much you actually liked that person.

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Programa prácticas profesionales en empresas de EE.UU.

Los extranjeros que està ¡n estudiando una carrera universitaria o la han finalizado hace menos de un aà ±o pueden solicitar la visa J-1 para prà ¡cticas profesionales para capacitarse en una empresa estadounidense, por cuyo trabajo serà ¡n remunerados. Categorà ­as para solicitar la visa J-1 para prà ¡cticas profesionales No se puede realizar una pasantà ­a en cualquier tipo de especializacià ³n. Los estudios universitarios del solicitante de la visa J-1 para el programa Intern deben estar comprendidos en uno de los siguientes campos: Administracià ³n Pà ºblicaAgricultura, Pesca y ForestalArquitecturaArte y CulturaBibliotecasCienciasCiencias SocialesComercioComunicaciones y PeriodismoConstruccià ³nDerechoEducacià ³nFinanzasIndustriaIngenierà ­aMatemà ¡ticasNegociosSalud y todos los campos relacionados con la misma. En el caso de medicina se puede, ademà ¡s, utilizar una visa de intercambio para  realizar la especializacià ³n en USA.Servicios Sociales Encontrar patrocinador para la visa J-1 Antes de aplicar por la visa en un consulado americano, hay que encontrar un patrocinador. Es decir, una empresa que sirve de enlace entre el estudiante o recià ©n titulado extranjero y la empresa en la que se van a realizar las prà ¡cticas remuneradas. Las empresas autorizadas para patrocinar a extranjeros para realizar prà ¡cticas profesionales al amparo de la visa J-1 està ¡n incluidas expresamente en un listado que publica anualmente el Departamento de Estados. El listado incluye multitud de organizaciones. Seleccionar la opcià ³n intern en el espacio de Program. Es recomendable contactar con varias de ellas y comparar las condiciones que ofrecen, el tipo de empresas, los meses de trabajo, la ubicacià ³n y otra informacià ³n de interà ©s. Una vez que se llega a un acuerdo entre patrocinador y el solicitante de la pasantà ­a se puede iniciar la tramitacià ³n para obtener la visa J-1. Si el solicitante està ¡ casado o tiene hijos solteros menores de 21 aà ±os, podrà ­a solicitar una visa derivada J-2 para estos familiares. Para ello, deberà ¡ notificar al patrocinador y ver si es posible. Documentacià ³n previa a la solicitud de la visa J-1 para prà ¡cticas en Estados Unidos El inicio de la tramitacià ³n para la visa es el envà ­o, por parte de la empresa patrocinadora, del documento conocido como DS-2019. En ese documento se encuentra el SEVIS ID, que es una informacià ³n imprescindible para tramitar lo que se conoce  como el pago de la tarifa SEVIS (Sistema de Informacià ³n de Estudiante y de Visitante de Intercambio). Este pago debe realizarse en la pà ¡gina oficial del Departamento de Seguridad Interna creada para este efecto. En la actualidad la tarifa SEVIS para el Programa Intern de la visa J-1 està ¡ fijada en $220, pero puede cambiar en cualquier momento, por lo que se recomienda verificar la cantidad. En el caso de solicitar tambià ©n una visa para el cà ³nyuge y los hijos menores de 21 aà ±os no es necesario pagar una tarifa SEVIS para ellos. En otras palabras, solo se paga por el titular de la visa. Solicitar la visa de intercambio J-1 El siguiente paso es solicitar la visa J-1 en el consulado mà ¡s cercano al lugar de residencia que tramite este tipo de visado. Aunque los pasos varà ­an entre las distintas oficinas consulares, es obligatorio: Rellenar el formulario DS-160Pagar la tarifa. En la actualidad està ¡ fijada en $160Proveer foto y huellas dactilares.Entrevista en la oficina consular Cabe destacar que las oficinas consulares pueden exigir cumplir los requisitos de fotos y de huellas digitales de distinta manera. Simplemente, seguir las instrucciones seà ±aladas al llenar el DS-160. Ademà ¡s, en los casos de participacià ³n en un programa de intercambio organizado por la Agencia Internacional de Desarrollo de Estados Unidos o el Departamento de Estado o se trate de un programa cultural o social financiado por el gobierno de los Estados Unidos se puede estar exento del pago de la tarifa de solicitud de visa. Puntos bà ¡sicos del programa J-1 para prà ¡cticas No se puede trabajar cuidando ancianos o nià ±osEstà ¡ excluido el trabajo que implica contacto con pacientesPuede ser necesario pagar impuestos por dinero ganado en EE.UU.Ninguna persona en el programa puede dedicar mà ¡s del 20% de su trabajo a una actividad de apoyo administrativo.Una vez que finaliza el programa hay un periodo de gracia de 30 dà ­as para salir de EE.UU. Por à ºltimo, cabe destacar que en algunos casos aplica a los participantes en las visa J-1 la obligacià ³n de salir de EE.UU. por un periodo de dos aà ±os, una vez que finaliza su programa. Durante esa prohibicià ³n pueden viajar al paà ­s como turistas, pero no pueden solicitar un ajuste de estatus, visa de trabajo, otra visa de intercambio, etc., excepto si obtienen un waiver previamente. Programa de aprendiz (trainee, en inglà ©s) Dentro de la visa J-1 es posible realizar el programa de aprendiz, que està ¡ pensado para extranjeros que han completado sus estudios en una universidad y, ademà ¡s, tienen al menos un aà ±o de experiencia laboral en su campo de estudio. Asimismo, tambià ©n pueden solicitar este programa los extranjeros con al menos cinco aà ±os de experiencia laboral en un campo vocacional. Las caracterà ­sticas son muy similares a las de la visa de prà ¡cticas y se inicia la tramitacià ³n buscando un patrocinador, en la misma pà ¡gina del Departamento de Estado seà ±alada anteriormente. Seleccionar Trainee en el campo de programa. Puntos clave programa J-1 para prà ¡cticas profesionales en EE.UU. Trà ¡mites:Obtener patrocinador, guià ¡ndose por listado oficial para el programaRecibir documento DS-2019Pagar tarifa SEVISSolicitar visa con formulario DS-160Pagar tarifaCerrar cita para entrevistaAcudir a consulado Este es un artà ­culo informativo. No es asesorà ­a legal.

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How our Society is Evolving with the Mass Media - 1162 Words

Introduction: What happened to the media? The mass media is growing and slowly becoming a part of our lives due to the increase of dependency since the late 1920’s when Televisions have become commercially available to the public, or even as old as the printing press, and the reliance on the media has soared since then with the introduction of the internet, as well as many other forms of technology â€Å"Weve arranged a civilization in which most crucial elements profoundly depend on science and technology.†(Sagan, C.). But how are these forms of media affecting our way of life?. The mass media was and still is influencing us without noticing it, because we are too dependent on it in our daily lives, we use it to get our daily news, watch our†¦show more content†¦TV also played a big role in our history as being one of the most used media; it played a role in WWI II by using the media to spread Propaganda to influence the society to justify immoral actions, just as used in 1939 by the Nazi â€Å"It h as become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.†(Einstein, A.) Research conducted by social psychologist Albert Bandura, Advanced the discussion of media effects by specifying conditions under which he would expect people (especially children) to imitate anti-social and pro-social behaviors presented in the media. In social learning theory, those behaviors that are shown performed by attractive people or those behaviors that are shown to be rewarded are more likely to be imitated than others. (McDonald, D., 2004) Internet: A double edged sword Though, the internet, while being a great source information and enjoyment it is also one of the most volatile forms of media. The difference of culture between people can cause a lot of hate between people. There is also the risk of losing valuable information, like credit card numbers, from hackers. It has a lot of non-suitable content for the younger society age group, study has shown that the younger society that are exposed to these websites are mostly the ones that initiate in sexual activities at earlier ages. The internet can also make people more anti-social or as some might call them â€Å"NEET†, the subcultureShow MoreRelatedMass Media Essay739 Words   |  3 Pages Mass Media: Development and Literacy Alex Mitchell HUM/186 September 25,2017 Allyson Wells Mass Media: Development and Literacy Mass media has come a long way the past century. What started as books, newspapers, and magazines being the only way to receive any news or messages, has developed into much more than that now. The major developments in the evolution of mass media during the last century have literally changed our world and the way we get our information. These developmentsRead MoreMass Media Usage813 Words   |  4 PagesIntroduction to Media Industries Media Visualization Essay Media Usage Mass media has become a powerful tool in shaping our culture, and is largely reflective of our society today. According to our text book and class lecture notes, mass media can be loosely defined as the technological vehicles through which mass communication takes place, along with the industries which control them. Over the years, mass media, has had a profound effect on American society, on its culture, and on the individualsRead MoreImpact of Media on the People of Pakistan1347 Words   |  6 PagesIn the late 20th Century, mass media could be classified into eight mass media industries: books, newspapers, magazines, recordings, radio, movies, television and the internet. With the explosion of digital communication technology in the late 20th and early 21st centuries, the question of what forms of media should be classified as mass media has become more prominent. For example, it is controversial whether to include cell phones, video games and computer games (such as MMORPGs) in the definitionRead MoreBad Influence of Mass Media on Kids1499 Words   |  6 Pagesis creating an environment where parents are forced to spend longer hours at work and fewer hours with their children. As a result, outside influences have greater access and influence over our children than ever before. The internet and the media are bringing the outside world into your home; your childs peers; the influences on children from movies and the music they listen to are growing in importance and influence every day, theRead MoreImpact Of A Mediated Society On Society1735 Words   |  7 PagesImpact of a Mediated Society Mass media has a direct and enormous affect on the current society from pop culture gossip to education among schools. The media is not only present in the environment but goes to lengths to control and dictate the feelings and perceptions of the current generation. Given that technology constantly reaches kids at younger ages, the prevalent existence influences children at younger years as time passes. Living in a highly mediated society shapes the way people seeRead MoreThe Impact of the Internet and Social Media on Activism1185 Words   |  5 PagesAssignment 4a - Draft Final Paper The almost omnipresent Internet transforms our lives, connecting us to family, friends, and the world in ways inconceivable only a few years ago. Through social media, we actively participate in creating, editing, and consuming a never-ending stream of data. Private corporations and protagonists of political or social change all vie to reach and engage highly targeted audiences. Can a social media campaign be an effective tool, helping recruit people to volunteer and becomeRead MoreMass Medi The Spread Of Digital Media Communication1701 Words   |  7 PagesIs the mass media likely to survive the spread of digital media communication? The purpose of this essay is to explore if mass media is likely to survive the spread of digital media communication. Firstly, this essay discusses the definition of mass media, as well as when and where it originated in order to gain a better background understanding. It then goes on to discuss the growing popularity of digital media and how mass media communication still prevails despite the new digital media. In theRead MoreHow the Media has Influenced Peoples Thoughts on homosexuality1410 Words   |  6 PagesEscaping the vast amounts of theories, viewpoints, and well written slants of the media is almost impossible for the common American citizens. America’s perceptions of the entire demographic has the capability of significant influence due broadcasts of various sorts. The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender community, or commonly referred to as LBGT, has been a core group fear, scrutiny, and confusion within the reports of varied mediums of exposure since as earl y as the 1950s. The highly convincingRead MoreMass Media Communication1719 Words   |  7 PagesDefinition Mass media is a media intended for a large audience. It may take the form of broadcast media, as in the case of television and radio, or print media, like newspapers and magazines. Internet media can also attain mass media status, and many media outlets maintain a web presence to take advantage of the ready availability of Internet in many regions of the world. Some people also refer to it as the â€Å"mainstream media,† referencing the fact that it tends to stick to prominent stories whichRead MorePopular Culture : Fads, Fashion And Leisure Activities1546 Words   |  7 Pages Popular Culture In today s world, everywhere you look there is image after image of people in less clothing, skinnier girls, and people attempting to look younger. As our book has mentioned, there are three key components to popular culture which are fads, fashion and leisure activities. These three components are what are the majority of what exactly popular culture is. It is then that these three things are broken down into different sections regarding age, race and gender

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Strategic Planning Process Free Essays

Strategic Planning – Week 1 Keyla (Bolin, Niu) Keiser University MKT531 Marketing Management Dr. Jeff Ritter 03/09/13 Strategic Planning Process Strategic planning is refers to the development of the organization’s long- term goals and put forward into practice (Peter, 2013). Strategic planning system is the strategy, objectives, environmental factors, it is a process about the internal conditions and various elements integration and used to guide the rational allocation of limited resources enterprise for a certain period of time, in order to reach the goal of the management activities Some big enterprise have particular plan for next fifth years. We will write a custom essay sample on Strategic Planning Process or any similar topic only for you Order Now Strategic planning can be separate to three steps, the first step is to determine the objective goals, during the enterprise development, it should be meet all kinds of challenges that successful achieve the goal. The second step is to formulate the planning, after manger determine the goal, manager should consider what measures can be successfully to process the project, this is what I understannd about strategic planning. According to the requirements of the strategic planning, the characteristic about strategic planning can be summarizing by these points (Aldehayyat, Twaissi, 2011): 1. Strategic planning system set broke through the traditional thinking mode which is not planning at present project, but the goals are for enterprise future direction of planning and financial. It pays much more attention to how to adjust business environment and innovation. 2. The settings of strategic planning are often led by very few top management leader directly control. It doesn’t like short-term business plan by a wide range of many people to participate in. 3. The strategic planning system is focus on the changing the external environment and innovation about enterprise, it involved the possibility of market opportunity which is hard to control and requires the enterprise have random and rapid response. 4. The strategic planning plan can be set with external environment, business industry structure, customer and competitor’s information; however, the enterprise manager can understand the company’s internal standards through this process. 5. Strategic planning is a big change plan which is enough to change the enterprise future direction. It is combined with the strategic business goals and strategic key points that will make the enterprise get comprehensive change. The famous managerialist Drucker thinks that the enterprise of top managers’ first priority is to formulate and implement strategy. Through the company’s mission, he thought, to reflect on the basic task of the management, is to put forward such a question: our company is what kind of business? It should reach to what kind of business? To this end, enterprises should develop their strategic target, strategic and plan, make decisions for the future. Clearly, this is actually the strategic planning process. From western developed countries the large enterprise, the management strategy is the framework of the strategic plan system. Is not normative system, of course, also can produce excellent strategy? But, regardless of the manner, the formulation of strategic planning system is intertwined in the processes for management activities, and the strategic management plays an important guiding role. It makes enterprises at all levels of staff have been involved in the process. I. e. , the enterprise employees should participate in the formulation or implementation of the strategic planning system, it’s just them to participate in different degree of prevention is. Each employee in the enterprise bear the plan the worker roles at the same time, also has the characters such as organizer and commander. In this sense, the enterprise strategic planning system plays a sustained and coordinated the important role of strategic management and daily business activities, also prompted enterprise employees to form a strong cohesion and a sense of belonging (Robinson, Pearce, 1988). The effective decision system of corporate strategic planning must start with a strong organization. Enterprises in determining the strategic planning system, the corresponding processes must be designed so that the audit in the enterprise between various departments, as well as the correlation between their activities and planning, influence each other and mutual dependence. Generally speaking, due to the historical development of each enterprise, decision-making habits, thinking mode of different leaders, led to its approach in formulating strategic planning system is also ifferent. The strategic planning system of the scientific program should be determined based on the each company’s actual situation. Enterprise brand, family brand (brand) category and product brand constitute the brand level, different levels of brand both relate to each other, and influence each other (Kraus, Schwarz, 2006). For example General motors, the enterprise brand, Chevrolet is general motors’ family brand (brand) category, and sail (sail) is the product brand. Gm gives customers the brand association is a U. S. auto giant, a global fortune 500 companies, has a good reputation, and so on; The Chevrolet brand is one of the largest brands, gm’s global sales volume since introduced the first product in 1912, total sales has more than 100 million vehicles, market coverage to 70 countries, has a record of sales of a new car every 40 seconds. Chevrolet 2004 global sales of more than 3. million units, in the global sales of every 16 a new car is a Chevrolet, Chevrolet brand to the customer’s brand association is a reliable, pragmatic, intelligent and friendly, full of vitality; And sail (sail) brand, convey the differentiation characteristics of the product. The three levels of brand together, can put enough brand messages to customers, and make customer to sail (sail) this has just set up soon products produce good brand association and brand identity. References Robinson, R. B. ; Pearce, j. A. (1988). Planned Patterns of Strategic Behavior and Their Relationship to Busi- ness-Unit Performance. Strategic Management Journal, 9, 43-60. Peter, J. , ; Donnelly, J. (2013). Marketing Management Knowledge and Skills. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill. Aldehayyat, j. S. ; Twaissi, N. (2011). Strategic Planning and Corporate Performance Relationship in Small Business Firms: Evidence from a Middle East Country Context. International Journal of Business and Management, 6 (8), 255-263. Kraus, S. , Harms, R. , ; Schwarz, E. j. (2006). Strategic Planning in Smaller Enterprises: New Empirical Findings. Management Research News, 29 (6), 334-344. How to cite Strategic Planning Process, Essays

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Flat cargo berhad free essay sample

Flat Cargo Berhad(FCB), an air cargo company that was listed in Bursa Malaysia on the 15th of September 2001 was one of the largest airfreight companies in Malaysia. The company servicing several government linked companies including Freight Malaysia Berhad and other private company like Citylink,Nationwide Express and Nippon Express. It was registered as an investment holding company with several subsidiaries with principal activities ranging from air freight services and ground handling services. One of FCB’s major shareholder in 1997 was Bangor Berhad, which it was part of a diversified international family owned conglomerate, the Miri Group. Within their reputation and have wide range of customer worldwide, the Company absolutely can maintain its financial operation atleast for five consecutive years. However, in this case, Mr Chuah Mun Soong, an auditor from Kencana Associates have discovered several suspicious and questionable results which is indirectly lead to a delay in finalizing the auditor’s report. Hence, the main problem faced by Mr Chuah believes there might be a high possibility that FCB is involving in fraud. At the same time, identification of problem faced by FCB is needed and solution should be implemented which can give immediate effect in order to avoid devastating FCB reputation as well as allowing FCB remained as the nation’s leading air cargo carrier. Issue Uncollectible debts, improper sales transaction, incorrectly recorded debtors’ account and abnormal transaction had caused Air Flat Cargo involved the possibility of fraud in a financial audit engagement. Problem Identified in Flat Cargo Berhad In 2006, during a routine financial audit, the auditors identified several suspicious findings in Flat Cargo Berhad that resulted in a delay in finalizing the auditor’s report. It had been thought that Flat Cargo Berhad involving the possibility of fraud in a financial audit programme. Below has shown some of the problem that face by Flat Cargo Berhad. First and foremost, several debtors’ confirmation letters were returned because the addressees had changed their mailing addresses. The several debtors’ confirmation letters were returned because of wrong mailing address had caused Flat Cargo Berhad could not recognized the revenue since the debts could not be collected. However, due to the rise of high revenue from 2001 till 2005, this can be assumed that FCB has recognized these revenue where there are contingencies associated with the transaction that have not yet been resolved. Once the debtors have not paid the debts to Flat Cargo Berhad, these debts should not be recognized as revenue. In addition, it had also shows that a large sum of sales transactions was found with no supporting documents. Most of these transactions involved small clients. For sales transactions which have no supporting documents, the revenue should not be recognized. Then again, these sales transactions have been recognized by FCB which had lead to the misinterpretation of their high revenue. FCB have recorded fictitious revenue which should be immediately be amended in their accounts. Every sales transaction required a proof to shows that the transaction had been occurred in that period of time or been known as transaction history then the company can only recognized it as a revenue. Furthermore, a loan received from a Hong Kong based company was found to be incorrectly recorded in the debtors’ account. Here, FCB did not record this transaction correctly which has lead to misrecognize of revenue. FCB received loan from another company should be a debt to FCB and not revenue because this loan will need to be given back to the Hong Kong based company in the near future. Therefore, this amount is not supposed to be recorded in Account Receivables. In spite of that, this amount should be recorded in FCB’s liabilities although it has increase cash on the assets side. Then, it is clearly stated in Principle 2 in Malaysian Code on Corporate Governance 2012; Strengthen composition which is purposely to balance of executive director and non-executive director. If we refer to Board of Director structure in FCB, it is unbalance due to more number of Non-Independent Executive Director compare to Independent Non-Executive Director. Last but not least, it also found that Flat Cargo Berhad had several abnormal transactions involving the purchase of aircrafts and offsetting the debtors’ accounts were found in FCB’s books. Recognizing inappropriate amount of revenue from swaps, round-tripping, or barter arrangements might cause FCB has extremely high recorded revenue which are not true. It is not parallel with ‘Malaysian Code on Corporate Governance’ because Principle 5 mentions about uphold integrity in financial reporting, from our group discussion there are many accounting error with their financial statement. Recommended Solutions To put a stop in involving in fraud, initially FCB should overcome its misleading high revenue. One of the reason that give rise to Sale Revenue and also to the asset Accounts Receivables is due to that the company might be selling its goods or services to customer on credit. However, consider a person makes a purchase with no intention of paying for it will cause the company as making no sales at all. No revenue was actually earned and nothing valuable was added to the asset Accounts Receivable, which gives rise to the Sales Revenue and in Account Receivables, both of these accounts will be overstated including income for the period and owners’ equity at the end of the period. Therefore, to overcome this problem and avoid overstate of the Sales Revenue and Account Receivable, recognition of bad debts should be taking into account. FCB must make another entry to show that the amount debited to Account Receivables does not represent the amount of the additional asset and that shareholders’ equity has not in fact increased by the amount of the sales. Firstly, direct write-off method is one of the way FCB can make this adjustment where the accounting records are adjusted at the end of each accounting period to reflect this estimation. Accounts that are believed to be uncollectable are simply eliminated from the records by subtracting the amount of the bad debt from Accounts Receivable and showing the same amount as an expense item on the income statement. Another alternative way FCB can employ is the allowance method; the total amount of uncollectible accounts is estimated. This estimated amount is shown as a deduction from Accounts Receivable on the balance sheet and as an expense on the income statement. The balance sheet contra asset account for Account Receivables is called Allowance for Doubtful or Uncollectible Accounts. The Allowance for Doubtful Accounts is in the nature of a decrease in Account Receivables and Bad Debt Expense is the corresponding income statement account. This is done so that the reader can observe both the total amount owed by customers and that portion of the amount that the company believes will not be collected. With this, FCB revenue will not be overstated and will not give false information to the users. Secondly, FCB ought to understand that persuasive evidence of an order arrangement must exist before revenue is realized or recorded. The SEC appears to be willing to accept these practices as persuasive evidence of an agreement as long as there is some form of written or electronic evidence that a binding final customer purchase authorization, including the terms of sale, is in the hands of the seller before revenue is recognized. Thus, when FCB made sales transaction with its clients, it should have at least an invoice or receipt been given to prove for the sales transaction that had been occurred in that period of time. Thirdly, another fact that FCB have to be aware of is the conservatism and realization concept, where revenue should be recognized in the earliest period in which the entity has significantly performed what is required in order to earn income. In addition, the amount of income can be reliably measure and the related assets received can readily be converted to cash or claims for cash. Financial Reporting Standards (FRS) 118 Revenue on services given is recognised by reference to the stage of completion at the reporting date when outcome of the transaction can be estimated reliably. The outcome can be estimated reliably when the following conditions are satisfied. a The amount of revenue can be measured reliably. b It is probable that the economic benefits associated with the transaction will flow to the entity. c The stage of completion of the transaction at the reporting date can be measured reliably; and d The costs incurred for the transaction and the cost to complete the transaction can be measured reliably. When the outcome cannot be estimated reliably, revenue should be recognised only to the extent of the expenses recognised that are recoverable. As a result, FCB only can recognize revenue when performance or delivery is carry out and that customers have already acknowledge it. The need for recognizing bad debts, sales discounts, and sales returns and allowances arises because of one aspect of the realization concept. Revenues should be reported at the amount that is reasonably certain to be collected. This concept would seem to require that these amounts be subtracted from gross revenues in order to determine the net revenue of the period. Conclusion Generally, companies try to boost revenue by manipulating the recognition of revenue. Company usually recognize revenue before a sale is complete, before the product is delivered to a customer, or at a time when the customer still has options to terminate, void or delay the sale. Likewise, it is believe that FCB was trying to do the same thing as well, trying to heighten its revenue to look good in front of its stakeholders. In 2005, FCB’s counter was ranked 4th in terms of capital gains and dividends to shareholders. Its share price at 31 December 2001 had been RM1. 89, but by end of 2005, the share price escalated to RM 10. 60 per share. It was reported that FCB had been able to pay dividends at a steady 3% per annum for over 4 years. Conversely, FCB’s high upsurge posed serious concerns. Rating Agency Malaysia (RAM) rated FCB’s RM150 million Commercial Papers or Medium Term Notes to AA3/P1 and downgraded the company’s long term rating from stable to negative. The rating was due to the company’s high growth ratio and weak debt servicing ability. This dilemma was identified and resolution was recommended. The FASB has combined there criteria into a revenue recognition standard that states â€Å"revenue should not be recognized until it’s realized or realizable and earned. As a consequence, FCB have to modify its financial records in order to be able to remain its trustworthiness from its stakeholders. Meanwhile, Mr Chuah convinced himself that FCB was a reputable company with a good business model and the possibility of irregular activities in FCB was remote. Bibliography